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Fire Retardant Barrier

MidWest Nonwovens provides an assortment of FR Nonwovens used in a variety of applications and engineered to meet the stringent specifications for fire retardant barriers.

Mattresses are considered a significant factor contributing in the acceleration of a bedroom's flash-point in a house fire. We offer a wide variety of flame retardant solutions which when used properly, will assist in a mattress conforming with CFR 1633.

We are a licensed manufacturer of Paladin® Flame Resistant Barriers. This is a safe, inherent FR solution, not chemically treated. Paladin® Barriers can be used in conjunction with anti-microbial fibers and natural fibers such as cashmere, wool and silk.

Each production lot is verified for CFR 1633 compliance with an on-site small scale burn tester, shown above. A certificate of compliance is issued with every FR Shipment.

Paladin® is a registered trademark of Milliken & Company.

The following video, supplied by one of our customers, shows a burn test which passes CFR 1633 requirements and demonstrates the effectiveness of using Paladin® FR Barrier to disburse the flame and char the mattress. The test duration is 30 minutes long, however we have condensed the video for viewing on the website. After ignition, the side burner burns for 30 seconds and the top burns for 45 seconds.

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