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Indoor Furniture

We offer both carded and airlay batting for superior strength and durability. Manufactured to various densities and loft, we use numerous fiber blends to achieve the desired feel and firmness. Our high loft products are used in furniture deck pads, cushion wraps, arm wraps, back cushion inserts and densified pads.

Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor furniture products are produced to custom size, density and thickness to give the end product a tailored look. We feature garnetted cushion backs preventing the fiber from breaking down and getting "lumpy". Our garnetted manufacturing process opens up the fiber to add spring or bounce for maximum resiliency. This method is far superior to blown cushion backs.


We custom make all sizes of pillows and decorative pillow inserts, completely filling each form to varying levels of softness and mold-ability. Every pillow and insert has a blend of hollow conjugated fibers for superior loft and durability. Our garnetted pillows are rolled and hand stuffed to ensure a smooth and even feel - no lumps! This process allows them to hold their shape longer and dramtiacally out perform standard blown pillows.

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